Strength Coach for HWPO Pro Athletes

Rob Kearney

'World's Strongest Gay'

Rob is an American Professional Strongman. He is pound for pound the strongest man in the world, a world record holder in a number of lifts.

Rob Kearney

A regular competitor in many strongman competitions around the world. They include World’s Strongest Man, The Arnold Strongman Classic, and the Arnold Strongman Australia. He knows the true meaning of Hard Work and overcoming adversity. 

Known as the “World’s Strongest Gay”, Rob is the first openly gay Professional Strongman, and alongside his husband (Joey), they look to break the stereotype of how the LGBTQ+ Community is perceived. His goal is to show the world that regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, you can be STRONG!

He brings a combination of experience in Strongman and an understanding of the sport of CrossFit to create world-class, strength-based programming for HWPO Training.

Rob Kearney
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