Sammy & O'Keefe are running the Boston Marathon

Support them in raising funds for One Summit

Sammy and O’Keefe are participating in the Boston Marathon to support One Summit, an organization that has a long-standing relationship with Mat, and assists pediatric cancer patients and their siblings. They have set BIG GOALS for the run and are determined to SHOW UP, WORK HARD and do whatever it takes to achieve them.


One Summit is a non-profit organization focused on building resilience in families fighting cancer.

One Summit's primary approach is through an experiential learning program called Climb for Courage. At Climb for Courage, patients and siblings are matched individually with a U.S. Navy SEAL and are guided through a series of rock-climbing challenges derived from a curriculum on Posttraumatic Growth. During Climb for Courage, the SEALs help facilitate individual challenges in a safe and controlled indoor-rock-climbing environment that encourages the kids to learn how to achieve growth through adversity while gaining new abilities, having fun, and forming new relationships. By uniting these like-minded warriors, both gain additional tools and encouragement needed in their everyday lives.

Since 2014, One Summit has united over 450 children impacted by cancer with a U.S. Navy SEAL mentor through 23 Climb for Courage Programs. One Summit also represents a mentor population of over 200 Navy SEALs who benefit from their work. The little warrior's experience, coupled with the long-lasting relationship with their Navy SEAL mentor, provides each child with the additional source of strength and encouragement they need in their battle against cancer.

Each year, One Summit teams up with CrossFit affiliates across the country in honor of Nate Hardy, a Navy SEAL, Purple Heart recipient and hero killed in action on February 4, 2008 and his brother Josh, who lost his battle to childhood cancer. 

What is their MISSION?

One Summit's mission is to build resilience and facilitate growth in pediatric cancer patients and their siblings through experiential learning, mentorship, community engagement, and storytelling with U.S. Navy SEALs.

One Summit delivers on its mission by uniting patients and siblings impacted by cancer with U.S. Navy SEALs as mentors and creating a community of resilient little warriors and families who support each other in their fight. Climb for Courage is reinforced by critical year-round community events, storytelling initiatives, and Climb Higher, our program for returning CFC participants, to provide each little warrior with the additional source of strength and encouragement they need in their fight.

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