Chief Brand Officer

Sammy Moniz

Sammy Moniz

Sammy is the voice, vision and leader in culture at HWPO Training. She’s responsible for bringing our core values (SHOW UP. WORK HARD. MAKE YOURSELF PROUD.) to the forefront of everything we do and how we are represented in marketing and media. Before guiding the brand at HWPO she was the third wheel to Mat Fraser and Matt O'Keefe on the wild ride of collecting CrossFit Championships while exploring a career in food blogging.

Sammy is a cookbook author and has run a successful food blog and instagram famed for the food she created for 5x CrossFit Games Champion, Mat Fraser called Feeding the Frasers. She has always loved the way food creates community and has taken the same approach to building a strong community within the walls of HWPO and beyond to our community of HARD WORKERS.

Sammy is passionate about food photography and loves hosting big dinner parties and weekly burger nights at their home. She writes our SWEAT program and is our leader in building consistency in daily movement for a happy and healthy life.

Sammy Moniz
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