HWPO 2022: A year in review

HWPO is excited for the start of a new year, but first, we want to reflect on 2022.

Jan 12, 2023

HWPO 2022: A year in review

HWPO is excited for the start of a new year, but first, we want to reflect on 2022.

Jan 12, 2023


To start 2022 off right, the HWPO team went to Wodapalooza.


In February, we prepared to launch the HWPO Training App to create an online community and give HARD WORKERS the best experience possible. 


In March we launched our very own training app! The HWPO Training App allows the HWPO community to have everything they need in one place. The app allows athletes to select a program that best fits their lifestyle, abilities and fitness goals. App users can also keep track of their individual performance metrics and watch daily coaching videos by Mat. 

We also hit Columbus, OH for The Arnold and Mat hosted the 22.2 CrossFit Games Open Announcement


In April, we traveled to Boston for a drop in with The Phoenix, a national sober community that uses fitness and community to support individuals working to remain sober. The team also got to tour the Athletic Brewing HQ (and sip some delicious, non-alcoholic brews). Mat shared his experience with sobriety and continues to inspire our community with his stories. 


In May, HWPO hit Knoxville two weekends in a row for semifinals events: the Syndicate Crown and the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. HWPO athlete Jayson Hopper placed second at the Syndicate Crown! The team also participated in a weekend of Office Olympics and showcased the true competitive spirit of the HWPO Training Team. 


In June, we coached and cheered on our athlete, Mallory O’Brien, at the semifinals Granite Games. Mal won the Granite Games and qualified for the 2022 CrossFit Games! 


In July, HWPO programmed and attended The CanWest Games and hosted community workouts and workshops in British Columbia. The CanWest Games was the first ever event programmed by HWPO Training, and the HWPO team hopes to program more events in the future for the opportunity to receive feedback from athletes and spectators to learn and grow.

“The reason we do this is to contribute,” said HWPO chief executive officer Matt O’Keefe. “We’re part of the competitive community and the overall CrossFit community and to be a part of big events is important to us.” 

HWPO hosted a friends and athlete camp so all our fit friends could get together and try out some of our programming. This camp was a great opportunity to bring different athletes together and foster competition while still developing a tight-knit community among CrossFit athletes. 

“People can be competitors and still be friends, so even on the competitive side there’s still that sense of community and friendship,” said Mat Fraser.

We also launched a new program, HWPO STRONG, and teamed up with strongman Rob Kearney.


In August, HWPO traveled to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin to see some of our pro athletes dominate! Getting to cheer on the amazing HWPO athletes at the CrossFit Games after they had worked so hard all year was the team’s favorite part of 2022. HWPO athlete Mallory O’Brien finished on the podium at the CrossFit Games.

“That was a very happy moment for everyone on our team, we were all so proud,” said Mat Fraser. 

We also programmed and attended the Fitland Fitness Festival in Colombia.


September was a busy month for the HWPO team! We spent 3 weeks supporting partner events, brands and the hardworking community overseas. We visited Madrid, Switzerland, Paris, Montpellier, Scotland, London and Birmingham where we hosted 17 community events and met over 400 HARD WORKERS! 

We also programmed and attended the Madrid CrossFit Championship and visited our friends at the GOWOD HQ in Montpellier. We’re so grateful we had the opportunity to take in the culture of all these amazing places and meet so many of our supporters. The HWPO community is so welcoming everywhere we go!

You thought we were done for the month after the Euro tour?? No way! HWPO also programmed and attended The CanEast Games in Ontario. 


In October, HWPO attended the Filthy 150 event in Ireland to host community workouts. We also launched two new programs: HWPO PRO pre-season and HWPO LIFT with Olympic weightlifting coach Aimee Anaya Everett.


Mat and Sammy hosted athletes at their house in Vermont in November for the HWPO athlete camp where the team had the opportunity to receive in-person feedback from Mat and to train with the other HWPO athletes. 

“Having people to test and train with periodically is very important to help our athletes really get through the year,” said Matt O’Keefe.


In December, HWPO was in charge of programming the Dubai Fitness Championship. We also launched the next cycle of our HWPO PRO program for Open-Season.

Recap, 2023 & beyond

A lot has happened this year; the HWPO team has traveled the world, our pro roster has expanded, and a whole lot of HARD WORKERS have joined us. 

“There was never a question on if it was going to work, it was how were we going to make this work. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty, but the confidence never dropped. The growth isn’t slowing,” said Mat Fraser.

Our team is so grateful to everyone that has supported our journey and growth as a company. If you want to see more of what HWPO accomplished in 2022, check out our YouTube channel

We’ve also published a blog about some of our team's fitness and personal goals and some insight into how we’re going to achieve them: HWPO in 2022: Fitness and personal resolutions.