HWPO Coaching Director

Steven Fawcett

Steven Fawcett has been an athlete and coach in the sport of CrossFit for 12 years now, with nine years of online coaching for individual and large group programs.

Steven Fawcett

As an athlete, Steven competed as an individual at the CrossFit Games (2015) and twice on a team (2017, 2019). As a coach, Steven has a combined 15 CrossFit Games appearances amongst the athletes he’s coached in person and online.

The experience and knowledge he’s gained over the years competing and coaching in Crossfit have helped him develop a great understanding of the sport. He understands what is needed to progress at any level and how to design programs appropriately to support those varying levels. Steven understands hard work and is part of the team to deliver highly effective programming to our community and raises the bar for our HWPO PRO athletes.

Steven Fawcett
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